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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can someone from Rector Cares Foundation speak at my event or/and institution?

    If you would like to invite our representative to your event or/and institution, please contact us
    and provide necessary information to enable us consider your request. Kindly note that we are
    not mandated to accept every invite or fulfil every request, but we will respond if there is a fit

  • How do you monitor and evaluate your water projects?

    We maintain an efficient strategy to monitor and evaluate all our projects, as we work closely with Water Resource Committees to ensure that the projects meet household needs in project locations. We also communicate with core community members on a periodic basis, to confirm that water and sanitation improvements are functional.

  • How can I raise funds for a water project in my community?

    You can reach out to us by requesting for a water project. However, we do not guarantee that the
    water project will be executed, as this will be dependent on availability of funds.
    Nevertheless, you may consider championing a fundraising idea to spread the word and raise
    sufficient funds to enable us execute the water project.

  • Can I donate money for executing water project in a desired community?

    Donations of USD $2,000 (equivalent of N1,000,000) or more can used to execute a feasible
    water project within any community in Nigeria – whether in urban communities, rural villages,
    homes, schools, and health facilities. Please <a>contact us.</a>

  • Can Rector Cares Foundation fund my project idea?

    Yes. You can fill our project request form <a href:>Our Approach</a>

  • How can I donate to Rector Cares Foundation?

    You can donate using any major credit card

Thank you for taking time to learn about Rector Cares Foundation and our determination to improve access of Nigerians to safe water. Together, we can end water poverty in Nigeria.
Cannot find answers to your questions, please contact us.

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