Water for Obuofia Community

 Location: Obuofia Community, Isiegbu-Ozuitem, Bende Local Government, Abia State, Nigeria.

 Goal: To deliver storage tanks and 20,000 litres of clean water to Obuofia Community

We sourced for funds to deliver clean water to Obuofia Community, as the only source of water in the Community was a contaminated stream. We turned our hope to action and used the limited funds received from Union Bank to partner with Bootchamps for delivery of 1,000 litres of clean water to Obuofia Community – on a weekly basis.

“It was like a dream”, says Madam Agei – an aged woman who narrated how women and children lost productive hours walking to the contaminated stream and streams in other neighbouring communities, all in a bid to fetch water for daily use. With the construction of the tap system and periodic supply of clean water, the water project introduced a world of change for
the hundreds of children who will never grow up with memories of walking long miles to fetch contaminated water.

Client:Water for Obuofia Community


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